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New HIV Drugs

The Importance Of Post Infection HIV Drugs For HIV-Negative Patients

Post-infection HIV drugs are an important part of healthcare provision in the fight against HIV transmission. Where possible, it is important for all HIV-positive patients to take the right ART drugs to prevent the risk of infecting others. All preventative measures, including Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, are preferable when we can stop the spread of the virus. However, there are times when these actions simply aren’t suitable. This is when healthcare providers...

HIV/Aids Prevention

Preventive Measures To Decrease The Risk Of HIV Transmission

There is an old saying in healthcare prevention is always better than the cure. Why spend time treating an infection or a contracted disease when you can prevent it from developing? This is the fundamental principle behind TasP methods in HIV prevention. Treatment as Prevention means treating HIV-positive individuals with ART to reduce the risks of transmission. They receive drugs to reduce the viral loads and limit the chance of...

HIV/Aids Prevention

5 Important Things That Everyone Should Know About HIV Tests

The idea of an HIV diagnosis strikes fears into the hearts of many sexually active people. There is still no cure, and many still believe that it carries a death sentence. With the right treatment and care, HIV is manageable. The first step towards that is a positive diagnosis from HIV tests. It is important that anyone at risk of HIV transmission receives a test. The problem for many is...