FDA Approved The Long-Acting Injectable Cabenuva

FDA Approved The Long-Acting Injectable Cabenuva

The Food And Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Cabenuva medication treatment for HIV.  While there have been groundbreaking methods to help control the impact of this virus on the human body, treatment has not yet been approved until earlier this year. HIV has been a growing concern in the health sector.


Who’s The Manufacturer Of Cabenuva?


This medication is made and manufactured by ViiV Healthcare and is a blend of rilpivirine and cabotegravir.

ViiV Healthcare is owned by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), along with Pfizer and Shionogi Limited as shareholders.

Cabotegravir is originally from ViiV, which is currently marketed as Cabenuva, Rilpivirine is from Janssen, which is under the Johnson & Johnson company.…

HIV/AIDS and Covid-19: Two Pandemics Collide in 2020


Although the global focus is dominated by COVID-19, the HIV AIDS pandemic is far from over as it enters its fifth decade. Since the early 1980s, 75.7 million people have got infected with HIV. 32.7 million people have died of AIDS-related ailments. HIV/AIDS remains a significant public health crisis, and only a few states will meet the 90–90–90 treatment goal for 2020.


Much was made of how information systems and support models in the HIV response have helped the COVID-19 response, but the COVID-19 pandemic might have knock-on impacts on the HIV response and be disastrous for communities. How might the COVID-19 outbreak shape the future HIV/AIDS response towards attaining the objective of finishing HIV/AIDS by 2030?


Doctors Are Cautious About Questionable HIV Drug Gammora Helping Covid-19 Patients


An Israeli Drug Company is testing Gammora For Coronavirus

Medical researchers at the Republic of the Congo have found that an Israeli-developed HIV medication apparently can be used to treat severally ill COVID-19 patients successfully. Furthermore, the drug may be available within weeks to months,  after further clinical trials.

Health Specialists from the Clinique La Source hospital in the Congolese capital Brazzaville observed that HIV patients who were in severe condition because of COVID-19 showed significant improvement after administering a medication named Gammora due to their HIV symptoms.…

FDA Approved HIV Medications That Are Available For Treatment

HIV Medications

FDA-Approved HIV Medicines

Treatment with HIV medications is known as antiretroviral therapy (ART). ART is suggested for everyone with HIV, and people with HIV should start ART as soon as possible. Patients on ART take a mix of HIV medicines (known as an HIV treatment program) daily. An individual’s first HIV regimen usually involves three HIV medications from at least two distinct HIV drug classes. We will discuss all medications currently available to be discussed with your physician. Also, the article will touch on a new subject to see if any of these medications may potentially help slow down the Covid-19 coronavirus?

What is an HIV Regimen?

An HIV Regimen is a mix of HIV medications used to treat HIV disease. HIV treatment (also known as antiretroviral treatment or ART) starts with picking an HIV regimen. People on ART are prescribed to take the HIV medicines in their HIV regimens daily.…

HIV Prevention- Educating The Community Results In Costs Savings

HIV prevention

A new study found that for every $1 paid on community-based HIV prevention & STD testing plans in Ontario the medical community saves $5 in treatment costs.  Over the last 25 years, these programs have prevented over 16,000 people from getting infected with HIV and rescued Ontario’s health care system of $6.5 billion in medical expenses, said lead author Dr. Sean Rourke of St. Michael’s Hospital.

Dr. Rourke stated that there is significant evidence that behavioural and community-based AIDS/HIV prevention programs are effective in reducing risky behaviour. Especially for the incidence of sexually transmitted infections in high-risk populations. This is the first study in Ontario to demonstrate the programs are also affordable.  Dr. Rourke’s results were written up in AIDS and Behaviour journal.…

FDA Approved Dovato – A New Combination Pill To Treat HIV

New drug Dovato for HIV

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lately declared the approval of Dovato, the first complete two-drug HIV treatment program for folks that previously haven’t been on antiretroviral treatment.

The new drug is for people that don’t have any known or suspected resistance to the treatment, based on a press release trusted source.  Currently, the treatment for HIV-positive people who haven’t been receiving antiretroviral therapy has been a three-drug regimen.

Why is Dovato Important?

It provides the potential for these individuals to take their two-drug regimen in one particular tablet. ViiV Healthcare developed the drug.

“Having a drug-sparing treatment available that uses fewer drugs is beneficial to patients who may have issues taking multiple medications over a long period of time,” said Dr. Debra Birnkrant, director of the FDA’s division of antiviral products, in the release.

However, this isn’t the first HIV only two-drug treatment ever invented.…

Gammora – The Latest Medication Being Tested For Eliminating HIV

hand holding medicine

A new HIV/AIDS medication in clinical trials called Gammora kills 99 percent of the virus during the first human trial.  Gammora is encouraging news!

The therapy was created to kill cells without harming uninfected ones. In comparison to present antiretroviral medications that only restrain the reach of this virus, Gammora provides the belief that a cure may be found shortly.

The drug company claims to eliminate 99 percent of the HIV around in four months of treatment.  The company is called Zion Medical, and Gammora is a complicated treatment comprised of an artificial peptide compound obtained from the HIV-derived integrase.

Taking advantage of this process, the Gammora arouses the integration of HIV DNA fragments into the genomic DNA to the host’s cell genomic DNA.…

Latest Treatments For HIV/AIDS With New HIV Drugs On The Horizon

HIV AIDS title

Currently, the HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to affect individuals who usually engage in unprotected sex with infected people. The hard truth about this kind of disease is that it has no cure. However, there are effective treatments that can enable the affected people to live healthy and longer lives with the condition.

Such kind of treatment is known as antiretroviral therapy (ARV), and it works well for both experienced and new people to HIV medication. There are different forms of HIV medication, and these are suitable for different conditions. When you test HIV positive, your doctor knows the right drug for your state. People living with HIV should take the medication at least once a day as prescribed by the physician.

ARV therapy has significantly lowered deaths related to HIV/AIDS given that it claimed a lot of lives during its peak. Since the discovery of HIV in the early 1980s, it infected about 70 million people with the virus.

Getting a Job in the HIV/Aids Prevention Industry

C V writing tips

At the end of 2016, there were at least 36.7 million people living with HIV/Aids globally. In fact, HIV/Aids is the second leading cause of death among young people all over the world. To successfully fight the global HIV epidemic, it is essential to prevent new infections.

Ultimately, this means that there are plenty of career opportunities in the HIV/Aids prevention industry. However, just like in any other industry, job seekers must ensure they market themselves appropriately to potential employers. Thus, professional resume writing emerges as an important factor when seeking employment in the Aids prevention industry. Now according to GooodJob.com, professionally-written federal CVs can cost from $100-$300 and that may be well worth it when one understands all the research and information needed. 

If you are up for the challenge to write your own CV or resume then read the many tips below.

Global Demographic Statistics For HIV Treatment and Prevention

HIV Treatment and Prevention

Global efforts on HIV treatment and prevention have helped to turn a deadly disease into a manageable one for many.

The positive news on a global level is that rates of infection are decreasing. Also, access to ART and other support systems is increasing across key HIV demographics.

The gap between the number infected and the number receiving treatment has gradually decreased over recent years. In 2010, 7.5 out of 33.5 million people received the appropriate treatment, in 2015 it was 17 out of 36.7 million.

The Pros And Cons Of Workplace HIV Testing Measures

Workplace HIV Testing

Workplace drug testing is a tool that many companies  use for hiring new employees and to ensure the safety of workers and reputation of the business.

A worker with a drug habit may be an unreliable, unsafe worker. While many have come to accept this workplace drug testing as the norm, there are concerns over the ethics and practices.

Some employees may feel unfairly singled out from the rest of the workforce and fear discrimination. If this is the current state for workers with recreational drug habits, the problem is worse for HIV-positive employees.

An Overview Of Types Of HIV Tests

Types Of HIV Tests

HIV is one of the most common immune-suppressing diseases affecting many people across all different countries. As an immunodeficiency virus, HIV can have delayed symptoms and reveal itself in later stages where it leads to rapid deterioration of health and sudden death.

It is advisable to frequently test for HIV to detect the virus as early as possible. Early detection can help in management and control, preventing the severe symptoms and ailments associated with AIDS, the latter stage manifestation of the infection.

There are three main HIV tests available, and while all of them can be used to detect the virus, each is specifically designed to detect a given type or stage of infection.

Avert Organization And The Issues Of HIV Prevention In Africa

HIV Prevention in Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa remains one of the worst affected areas for HIV/AIDS across the world. As of 2013, 71% of the global total of HIV patients came from this region.  This means 24.7 million living with HIV, a prevalence rate of 4.7% and 39% of adults in some form of ART.

Within this wider region, it is South Africa that has the largest epidemic and Swaziland with the highest prevalence of 27.4%.

This is of great concern in HIV prevention due to local contributing factors and obstacles. This is why organizations such as Avert are so important.

Outstanding US Aids Prevention and Educational Programs

HIV Aids Prevention

Many people in the US will recall the aids epidemic of the 1980s. This was when many charities and organizations started to help those infected and to combat HIV transmission by providing Aids Prevention programs.

Despite strong efforts from many groups, HIV and AIDS prevention remain significant healthcare issues in the US. It is easy to overlook the national issue with global problems and funding sent to African projects.

There is a clear issue of financing in America and work to do AIDS prevention. Since the beginning of that epidemic, 675,000 people have died of AIDS-related illnesses in the country.