5 HIV Aids Non-Profit Organizations Around America

HIV Non-Profit Organizations

When we think of major agencies providing support to HIV sufferers, we tend to think of the obvious. There are large global HIV non-profit organizations that carry out programs across the world.

The World Health Organization works closely with many top agencies to provide universal support. The UN Aids program and Save the Children all have important projects in place.

But what about those closer to home?

What about the smaller non-profit organizations caring out work in American communities?

Here are 5   charities that deserve a little more publicity.

1)The International AIDS Society

The International AIDS Society is the only entry here that is a global model. However, it does as much good work in America as the other 180 countries represented.

This group of like-minded individuals includes public health officials and clinicians experienced in HIV/AIDS care. There are also key policy makers and researchers providing information on current trends.

Two important projects here are the program for cure research – Towards an HIV Cure – and the Collaborative Initiative for Pediatric HIV Education and Research (CIPHER).

The International AIDS Society

2) AIDS Research Alliance (ARA)

AIDS Research Alliance (ARA) is a non-profit organization that began in LA during the epidemic of the 1980s. The initial aim was to improve access to care in the area and speed up drug development.

Today, the need for this program is still strong. They are still working on research and clinical studies to develop treatment options and prognoses further.

Their work currently focuses on HIV reservoir eradication via a drug called Prostratin. They hope that this is the next step towards a cure.

3) The AIDS Healthcare Foundation

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is another of these non-profit organizations in the LA area. This time there is a slighter wide net, and their help extends out to 36 countries.

Even so, they are currently the larger provider of care for HIV/AIDS in America. The foundation has a clear motivation to better itself regarding the treatment offered, the education provided and the means of raising money.

The scale of the foundation – from community efforts to global initiatives – is quite impressive for these smaller non-profit organizations.

4) The San Francisco AIDS Foundation

The San Francisco AIDS Foundation

The San Francisco AIDS Foundation is another California-based organization with the main goals for the local community. These aims look at testing, diagnoses, care and transmission prevention, so they cover all areas.

They provide 14,000 HIV tests and STI screenings a year to help residents understand their status. They also support groups to help with care for the HIV-positive community. The end goal here is to reduce the rate of new infections by 50%.

5) Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation takes it name from pioneering women with a tragic story. Glaser contracted HIV in 1988, the era of poor education and treatment, and passed the illness to her children.

This experience leads to the formation of this Pediatric AIDS Foundation that focuses on HIV/AIDS in children. There is a clear need to reduce transmission from mother to child.

The foundation has over 8,000 sites in 15 countries dedicated to this mission where they can offer ART medication.

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