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About Us

Our website demonstrates the HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment for the HIV patient, and New HIV Drugs.

HIV prevention is the biggest concern as millions of people are suffering from HIV/AIDS and sometimes face death due to this disease. The various methods are used to detect the HIV  to reduce the risk of disease transmission from one person to another.

Now, there are several home HIV test procedures available in the US that can provide a quick and easy result. These are the fast, reliable testing measures for all those who are at risk. These tests have their pros and cons, but many tools are available to fight against HIV transmission. HIV testing is a simple process. If the person is detected with HIV in the early stage, it is easy to control, manage and prevent the symptoms.

Three primary HIV tests are available such as HIV Antibody Tests, RNA Testing, Combination HIV Tests and these tests are specially designed to detect the type of virus and the stages of infections.

The swab testers can collect HIV test sample from the mouth.  OraQuick In-Home HIV Test is the best example of screening the HIV at home. This method gives the results in 20 minutes and is easy to use. Another method is blood sample from the finger through Home Access HIV-1 Test System.

There are two types of HIV drug tests  i.e. Post-infection HIV drugs and Pre-infection drugs. Workplace HIV testing can be a positive and adverse impact on the employees.