Doctors Are Cautious About Questionable HIV Drug Gammora Helping Covid-19 Patients


An Israeli Drug Company is testing Gammora For Coronavirus

Medical researchers at the Republic of the Congo have found that an Israeli-developed HIV medication apparently can be used to treat severally ill COVID-19 patients successfully. Furthermore, the drug may be available within weeks to months,  after further clinical trials.

Health Specialists from the Clinique La Source hospital in the Congolese capital Brazzaville observed that HIV patients who were in severe condition because of COVID-19 showed significant improvement after administering a medication named Gammora due to their HIV symptoms.

Produced by the Israel-based firm Zion Medical and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Gammora was lately advocated for use in the central African nation.

“We were surprised because we wanted to determine if [Gammora] would work, but we did not know it would happen like this, and we saw improvement concerning signs of COVID-19 within two days,” Dr. Eynat Finkelshtein, chief scientist of Zion Medical, said in a statement.http://zionmedical.com

A small clinical trial started in Brazzaville on April 8. Administered under “compassionate use” protocols, which allow seriously ill patients to get untested or new approaches, it was modulated by Clinique La Source’s Dr. Sebastian Mafoundzi with Dr. Roger Alphonse Bouity. Albert Kazadi, a member of the World Health Organization (WHO), was invited as a personal consultant to oversee.

The trial observed 30 critically ill patients in intensive care — some with HIV, others HIV-free — divided into two categories.

The first group of 15 patients (Group A) got standard-care treatment for coronavirus and HIV, namely antibiotics and the HIV medication Atripla. The second group (Group B) received antibiotics, Atripla, and Gammora via injection over nine days.

After two days, all 15 patients in Group B revealed marked improvement in their COVID-19 symptoms.

“Of the 15 that got Gammora along with regular care, four of them tested negative after nine days of treatment, and 11 were shifted from the ICU to the hospital’s internal medicine ward” for a complete recovery, Finkelshtein said.

Concerning the 15 members of Group A, 14 died during the same time frame, and one remains in critical condition.

“We want to conduct bigger trials in Western countries,” Finkelshtein stated.

A statement that Zion Medical said: “It is important to highlight that Gammora is a cure, rather than vaccination for preventing the disease. Zion Medical acknowledges it is receiving a growing number of reports from throughout the world that HIV patients experiencing the coronavirus which are getting Gammora have fully cured of COVID-19.”

Finkelshtein confirmed that the company was currently working to secure approval for this medication in additional countries. She anticipates that with Brazzaville’s outcomes, the company will then easily navigate the bureaucracy of approval processes.

Severely ill COVID-19 patients will also have the ability to receive Gammora treatments under sympathetic use protocols, she emphasized. Furthermore, larger-scale clinical trials will take a while to finish, but with this continuing pandemic, it will be quicker than other clinical trials for various diseases.

Because the medication successfully treated patients in days, she explained, “the trial will be run over a couple of weeks, possibly months, but not over that.”

Zion Medical claims it could already make Gammora commercially accessible via its official distributor, the Swiss-based pharmaceutical supplier FarmaMondo. This medication’s already accelerated production at the California-based PolyPeptide Laboratories before an expected increase in global demand.

After the cases in Brazzaville, Kadazi, the WHO representative, advised the world body. It’s requested all pertinent information and reports regarding the trial whenever possible and samples of the medication.

Kadazi said in a statement: The success we have seen in examining and saving lives encourages us and gives us hope. We thank Zion Medical for fast harnessing this and are thrilled to share with the [good news] together with the world.”

In the meantime, physicians in the Republic of the Congo continue to administer the medication to coronavirus patients.

“We are still trying to help as far as we could in the Congo, so additional patients are receiving this therapy,” Finkelshtein stated.

The African Country has declared only some 300 cases of coronavirus since the start of the outbreak, but she notes that the fact on the ground isn’t as “rosy” as official figures could have the world believe. Mafoundzi’s clinic, as an instance, is receiving a growing number of patients infected with the virus.

“Even some of our physicians contracted the virus,” Finkelshtein emphasized.

Bouity, the other doctor, supposedly contracted the virus through the trial and died because he rescued the clinic’s shares of Gammora to be used on patients instead of himself.

“It was a heroic action which saved his patients’ life rather than his own,” the Zion Medical statement said.

Israeli Experts Urge Caution Over Drug Firm’s Claim Of COVID-19 Cure

Experts advise a surfeit of warning within an Israeli company’s claims that it’s a “treatment” for the coronavirus and will subject it to a clinical trial within an unspecified Western nation.

Zion Medical published a statement Tuesday stating that its HIV medication Gamorra — whose claim to heal the AIDS-causing virus was highly controversial — has been “proved statistically” to have “improved and treated” coronavirus patients who had been given the medication in a clinical trial in the Republic of the Congo.

However, in an interview with The Times of Israel, the corporation’s chief science officer, Einat Finkelshtain, confessed that the Republic of the Congo’s treatment was not a clinical trial. She called it a”standalone” initiative to give patients treatment on a compassionate use basis, “separate” from a clinical trial.

She also said the two-year-old drug had not obtained approval anywhere aside from the Republic of the Congo, where it had been played per month ago for treating HIV and cancer.

She said the company has begun trials for HIV treatment in Uganda and intends to finish the procedure with joint testing in Uganda, Tasmania, and possibly Israel

She said the result is “significant in the war against COVID-19,” while acknowledging that more study is required. She said preparations are moving for a clinical trial for COVID-19 treatment in an as-yet undecided Western state, possibly in the USA.

Zion Medical, based in Rehovot and enrolled as a company in Holland, was founded in 2014 by Zyon Ayni, a Dutch-Israeli industrialist using a real estate history, and is focused on developing medical options for HIV/AIDS and cancer.

In 2018, Gamorra could completely treat HIV, a claim broadly criticized by AIDS groups as untrue.

Virologist Ran Taube, an expert in HIV medication from the Ben-Gurion University, Negev, responded carefully to the coronavirus announcement. “Handle with care,” he said.

Taube said that, in his opinion, more information is needed on the mechanism whereby the drug is thought to assist coronavirus patients, and a lot more people have to be tested.

An Immunologist at another Israeli establishment, who spoke on anonymity, said that the Republic of the Congo’s outcomes appear” suspicious” and look “circumstantial.” He remarked: “The white and black or nothing occurred is suspicious.”

He noted that even in a group of critical coronavirus patients, he wouldn’t anticipate 14 from 15 to die. “I would be cautious,” he said. “Every day we see a new medication that’s claimed to be helping, but without randomized, double-blind big clinical trials, some of this is merely circumstantial.”

He added: “We frequently see a lot of companies, and I am not saying that this is the case here, that want to boost their earnings and share price by releasing such statements.”

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