Gammora – The Latest Medication Being Tested For Eliminating HIV

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A new HIV/AIDS medication called Gammora, kills 99 percent of the virus during the first human trial.  Gammora is encouraging news!

The therapy was created to kill cells without harming uninfected ones. In comparison to present antiretroviral medications that only restrain the reach of this virus, Gammora provides the belief that a cure may be found shortly.

The drug company claims to eliminate 99 percent of the HIV around in four months of treatment.  The company is called Zion Medical, and Gammora is a complicated treatment comprised of an artificial peptide compound obtained from the HIV-derived integrase.

Taking advantage of this process, the Gammora arouses the integration of HIV DNA fragments into the genomic DNA to the host’s cell genomic DNA.

How Does Gammora Work?

Zion Medical said that is works in the following fashion, based on their research and the small group of human trials.

Gammora is an artificial peptide compound Enzyme derived integrase, which is responsible for incorporating the genetic material of the virus into the DNA of the cell. Gammora excites the integration of various HIV DNA fragments into the host cell DNA, to a level that triggers the cell’s self-destruction, called apoptosis.

The medication appears to be a wide-spectrum fighter of viral replication (one is ribavirin, a medicine utilized in hepatitis C treatment). It can function to restrict viral propagation in established disease and the disease of additional cells.

These first outcomes were exceeding our expectations and assured confidence in finding a cure for a disease that’s been detected within 35 years, announced in a report Dr. Elvira Naftali, head of growth in Zion Medical. Given the limited nature of the analysis, we are eager to demonstrate our medication’s effectiveness in Stage 2b employing some participants within a more extended period.

In case this stage proves successful its consequences are life-altering. Now, present readily available HIV retroviral treatments that are work by controlling the expansion of the virus but don’t offer any remedy for the disease.

HIV sufferers may hope to get a better life span, not a real respite. The peptide of Zion Medical can destroy all cells bearing the HIV virus-genome offering an actual treatment for contaminated patients.

The medical stage 1/2a Gammora human trial of Zion Medical found that many patients revealed a significant reduction in the viral burden of about 90 percent in the research during the first four months.

In Part II of the investigation, Gammora was combined with additional retroviral remedies which led to patients demonstrating around 99 percent drop in viral load from baseline in four months.

Furthermore, during the process of tests, Gammora has been demonstrated to be well-tolerable and protected. In actual, no side effects have been reported.

What is more, Gammora was found to boost person CD4 cell Count 97 around percent from the baseline. CD4 cells, also known as T cells or some T cells are the cells that the HIV kills. They are white blood cells that play an integral role in the immune system, the natural protective measures against diseases, germs, and ailments of the body.

Since the increase of HIV infections, CD4 cells progress decrease. Someone is going to be diagnosed with AIDS if their numbers fall below 200 and will be viewed at high risk of contracting serious illnesses. For reference, a person range for CD4 cells is approx 500-1,500.

The news caused a frenzy entirely directing Zion Medical to describe the company has a long way in front of a remedy could be guaranteed, but it’s gotten a step nearer. The business also revealed their peer-reviewed research needs to be made available in 2019.

Zion Medical, the Israeli-based pharmaceutical company, recently revealed the news of a successful first clinical trial due to what they called a potential HIV remedy.  They have issued a further statement on Twitter that makes it crystal clear that more experiments will be required, and their official results will need to get peer-reviewed and published.

Considering that the announcement was made by the company on October 31, there has been a tide of excitement on social websites together with individuals clamoring to find out more.

Zion Medical is a comparatively new company, based in 2014. According to the business website, it develops Cancer and AIDS-treating products based on peptides derived from HIV and targeted lentivirus particles.

Outcomes of the HIV drug’s first clinical trial, Gammora, have shown it can kill up to 99 percent of the virus within one month of treatment.  The results declared confirm that Gammora significantly decreased the viral load in human cases by destroying the cells containing virus without harming healthy ones, unlike drugs that suppress the spreading of this virus.




Researchers from Zion Medical, Israeli biotech firm, and Jerusalem’s Hebrew University did the analysis.

The medication triggers the self-extinction of the infected cell called apoptosis. It can treat HIV-positive patients by killing all cells bearing the HIV genome.


“These first clinical results were exceeding our observations and promised hope in obtaining a remedy for the infection,” Dr. Esmira Naftali, head of development in Zion Medical, stated, adding that eight patients in Ronald Bata Memorial Hospital in Uganda were randomly allocated to experience various doses of the drug for a few weeks.

In the next part of the trial, two weeks later performed, the patients were given the medication with additional retroviral treatment after four to five weeks.

Viral Load

Patients received either Lopinavir 200 mg ( or Ritonavir 800 mg LPV+r) daily in conjunction with Gammora administered twice per week or LPV+r only.

The results demonstrated that the combined treatments removed up to 99 percent of the load without signifying any side effects, in four weeks.

During the 10-week study, patients in both groups exposed an increase in T-cell count, another name for CD4 cells, which play a part in the immune system of the body.


“Given the limited nature of this study, we are excited to prove the efficiency of our drug in phase 2b with a greater number of participants over a longer period,” Dr. Naftali said.

Prof Abraham Loyter of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem started the analysis. Phase 2 is supposed to begin in the coming months, extending the clinical study group size to 50 people and the dosing period to three months.


The drug is derived from the HIV enzyme integrates the virus’s genetic material into the DNA of the infected cell.

There are signs that 1,493,382 Kenyans live with the Virus, with the general incidence rate drops to 4.8 percent.


The occurrence among women is 5.2 percent and 4.5 percent in men. Pre-exposure prophylaxis is being received by over 53,291 Kenyans.  The government expects to raise the number to half a million people by 2022.



For now, the HIV community should remain hopeful that new medications and existing medication will help prolong their life and if we are fortunate a cure is around the corner. Gammora is still in clinical trials and has not been commercially released to the general public to buy and start using.


  1. please bring the cure asap all ready 4 decades passed away, sophisticated equipment has come but why we are unable to find a cure. people are facing a lot of stigmas and so many families are suffering financially and mentally as well. don’t drag this and bring the cure which is really mandatory.

    almost 4 crore people died and how many lives have to sacrifice, so please understand the mental condition who are suffering from the deceased and bring in a short time with a humanitarian basis.
    don’t delay to satisfy pharmaceutical company greediness and understand the urgency.

    1. I am very sceptical about this because multinationals benefitting from HIV will never allow this to see the light of day.They are making trillions and the status quo is good for business

  2. Any updates on the Gammora drug, are there needs for more test run patients? Let’s rid of this stigma against PLWHIV once and for all

    1. Gammora doen’t work better than ART. There is not proof of concept that this molecule is better than current medications. Furthermore, their former studies with Gammora were not registered at any clinical trial. Neither a paper with phase I and IIa has bren published so far. Misleading research.

      1. It is a better idea but according to the millions of people who benefit in funds donated for HIV/AIDs can’t allow the medicine circulate in public because they think they will no longer survive when HIV cure comes.

  3. Give us the exact date when this gomora medicine will come out .thousand of people are dying everyday and millions of people are suffering from this severe disease .please do something for the people.

  4. Good day

    I am interested to buy your product but online I met many different contact, ,not sure which one is legit. kindly provide me with amount to pay in Rands, banking details and contact number for whatsap if available.

    Also provide me with process to place order of gammora hiv cure package.


    1. Please let me know when u have access to the drug …am also having the same problem, so many scammers online and I don’t know which to go with…my number is 081**********

      1. This new medication is not for sale yet, still in clinical trials. Nobody can sell it. Zion Medical is the company to follow on twitter or their website.

    1. The new medication is still in medical trials and is not available commercially for public use. Zion Medical is conducting human trials. Feel free to contact Zion Medical directly.

  5. Im in Cameroun. Im very interesting about your médecine . Many peuple around me are infected and suffering . This médecine can bring hope To thousands peuple.
    How can i get it and how much ?
    Thank you

  6. Haybo is this true? Why aren’t they talking about it in midea if there is something like this, please come out with it, God’s people are perishing, kanti what’s the point of talking about it if it won’t be given to people needing it‍♀️

  7. Please I need this drug….any body who has access to their real address or contact should contact me Tru this number on WhatsApp…08121******, I came across so many pages on Facebook but they re all scammers and I don’t know if which one is legit….please help if u can

  8. Hello,this has brought hope to world’s ever increasing number of HIV patient that maybe one day they will set free.
    Thanks very much all doctor and management of zion pharmaceutical.

  9. How can I have access of the drug .and how much does it cost to get a full dose .I have a client who is greatly in need .

  10. It is a shocking news, you have done some thing that I will not forget. Is the drug tablets or injection?. I am a nurse, when I told some patients about this they said without wasting time they want the drug at what ever cost you will give them. Please when you have started shipping notify me in my email below. Let God continue bless you for the hard work you people are doing. Thank you so much.

  11. How can I get this I’m in south Africa and in rands,how much is it,kindly threat this message as a private conversation

  12. I am in South Africa I want to know where to get the medication as soon as possible and also want to know about the cost.

  13. I am really happy to hear that Gammora can cure H.I.V and edis,now how much and how can I get it?

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